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Sudanese Women in Kenya Demonstrate in Solidarity

On September 15, 2009 a group of Sudanese women residing in Kenya organized a protest in front of the Sudanese embassy in Nairobi in solidarity with Lubna Hussien and women's rights in Sudan. They called upon the Government of Sudan to abolish all laws that discriminate against women, especially the Public Order Laws and article 152 of the Sudanese Criminal Law. They handed the letter below to the Sudanese Ambassador in Kenya: 

From: Sudanese Women in Kenya

To: Government of Sudan through H.E Mr. Majouk Guandong Sudanese
ambassador in Kenya, Nairobi

Date: September 15, 2009

Re: Section 152 of the Sudan Criminal Act 1991

The Sudanese Women in Kenya have been closely observing with great concern the
trail of Ms. Lubna Hussein in accordance with the provisions of Section 152 of the
Sudan Criminal Act 1991 which conspicuously contradicts the National Interim
Constitution 2005 and the international human rights conventions as follows:

1) Section 152 grants public order courts’ judges, who are also contradictory to
the constitution, unlimited and wide discretionary power used to deprive
women of their personal rights, and make them susceptible to humiliation
and defamation.
2) Section 152 is not consistent with the provisions of the National Interim
Constitution that dedicates a full chapter for human rights and fundamental
3) Section 152 is inconsistent with the international human rights conventions
which emphasize personal freedoms and rights.
4) Section 152 is neither precise nor specific, as such permitting for grove
violations of women’s rights and dignity.

The Sudanese women in Kenya call on the government of Sudan to take the
following actions:

1) Abolish Section 152 and all other provisions and laws that target women’s
right to demonstrate respect for the constitution and the Comprehensive
Peace Agreement which emphasize on equality.
2) Release all Sudanese women and men who are currently imprisoned or
detained under the provisions of Section 152 and or any similar controversial
3) Respect to cultural and religious diversity in the Sudan which must be the
basis of making and passing any laws.

The Sudanese Women while calling upon the political authorities in Sudan to comply
with the National Interim Constitution of the Sudan and the international human
rights convention re-affirm that the struggle of the Sudanese women for freedom
and equality will never stop.

The Sudanese women in Kenya avail themselves of this opportunity to condemn all
forms of repression, maltreatment, and torture that fellow Sudanese women and
men had received at the hands of the national security forces before, during and
after Ms. Hussien’s trial.


1. Local and international Media.
2. Representatives of all Diplomatic Missions in Nairobi.
3. Human and Women Rights Organizations in Nairobi.
4. The United Nations Organization in Nairobi.


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